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Help Your Church Memorize
February 19, 2017   Vol. 1, No. 122
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Help Your Church Memorize God's Word

Do you love to memorize God's Word? Has Scripture Typer helped you do that? Share the Scripture Typer PRO App with your church, and help others memorize God's Word, too!


Now it's easier than ever to give the Scripture Typer PRO App to your church, small group, or Sunday school class. If you had trouble purchasing licenses before, please try again. We fixed an issue with our shopping cart that was making it difficult to check out. Simply create your own easy-to-remember code, and share it with others! Here's how:


1. Click the red "Churches" link at the top of, and select "Give the Scripture Typer PRO App" button.


2. Create an easy-to-remember code to share with others. Everyone will use the same code to activate Scripture Typer PRO.


3. Select the number of licenses you would like to purchase from the drop-down menu, and checkout. You will save 20% to 40% when you purchase 10 or more!


4. Start sharing your code! Tell everyone to click the "Churches" link on the Scripture Typer website, which is where they will enter their code.


Each PRO license activation will reduce the number of your available licenses to give, but you can add more licenses anytime. See how many licenses you have left or add additional licenses by going to "My Account", then "PRO Licenses".


If Scripture Typer has blessed you, bless others with it, too! Encourage your church or small group to memorize Scripture, and watch your church flourish with God's Word this year!




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