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Memorize Verses with Your Kids!
December 16, 2018   Vol. 1, No. 166
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Memorize ANY Verse with Bible Memory Kids

The Bible Memory Kids App makes memorizing verses fun and easy at any age. It's so simple and engaging, even toddlers can do it!


And now you can import and memorize ANY verse in the Bible with The Bible Memory Kids App! Record your child saying the verse, and play it back to help them learn it. Kids love hearing themselves recite Scripture!


The Bible Memory Kids App also includes foundational passages with beautifully illustrated artwork and exciting music, carefully designed to hook the verse in your child's long term memory for easy recall, including:

• Psalm 23

• The Beatitudes from Matthew 5

• The Armor of God from Ephesians 6

• And more to come!


You can also memorize these passages with your family or church in group settings with The Bible Memory Kids App's FREE companion app for Apple TV.


Give your child a strong foundation, and equip your child for life in Christ. Get The Bible Memory Kids App at this special, introductory price today! Or click here to text the app to your phone right now!




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