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Open for a Big Announcement
December 3, 2017   Vol. 1, No. 146
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Announcing the NEW Bible App Name!

The Bible will soon be available as an in-app puchase to add on to your Scripture Typer App! We are now counting down the weeks and thought it's about time you knew this new app's name!


So, without further adieu, announcing The Scripture Memory Bible. Coming (very) soon for iPhone and iPad! (Android also coming soon. Just not quite as soon.)


The Scripture Memory Bible will be a powerful tool during your Bible memory and quiet times with The Lord. You will be able to read and memorize your Bible seamlessly, adding verses to your Scripture Typer account to memorize as you go.


In order to release The Scripture Memory Bible as soon as possible, some of the features we announced previously will be available in later updates to the app. However, the initial launch will include everything you need to read and memorize Scripture easily.


We will continue to keep you posted on our progress, as The Scripture Memory Bible will be available very soon! Please pray for us in this exciting work!




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