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August 20, 2017   Vol. 1, No. 137
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#1 Benefit of Our New Add-On App

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between Bible reading and Bible memorization? No more! The new Scripture Typer Add-On App will empower you to do both, right within Scripture Typer.


Which leads us to the #1 Top Benefit of the brand new, Scripture Typer Add-on App...



While reading the Bible, you will be able to...

  • memorize and review Scripture
  • see which verses you have already memorized
  • add verses to your verse library that you want to memorize

  • easily read your memory verses in the context of Scripture
  • study the Bible with a host of tools, including highlighters, bookmarks, notes, cross-references, and even Greek and Hebrew language tools (NASB translation)

Your Bible and your Scripture Typer account will be fully integrated and synchronized so you can read, study, and memorize Scripture all in one place!


Multiple translations will be available, which will be announced soon! The iPhone and iPad version is currently scheduled to launch this fall with the Android version available in 2018. Please pray for us as we work hard to make it available as soon as possible! We can hardly wait!




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